Knowing is Good, but Doing is Far Better

People readily consume content, but when it comes time to execute their own, many fall short.

Gary Vaynerchuk has said that 99 percent of those that hear him speak at conferences don’t follow his advice to “create content at scale.”

An army of millennials love the motivational jolt they get from watching his videos. However, far fewer have found massive love for the process, which is essential to stick with it through thick and thin.

Content creation is hard work. To win at this you need talent, dedication, and patience. You have to be willing to play the long game as the life-changing rewards are years away.


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#GaryVeeChallenge: Dream vs. Reality

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Taking on the Challenge

Late last year, Gary came up with the #GaryVeeChallenge as a way encourage his audience to make content contextually, and at scale as he advocates. And to teach them how, he released a 270-page slide deck.

Participating in the challenge helped me to regain my passion for playing the game.

Between reading the deck, implementing the tips, and consuming a ton of Gary’s content, I picked up some vital, actionable takeaways. So, here they are:

Gary Vaynerchuk Social Media Management Takeaways


  1. Create A LOT of content every day


  1. Overthinking and overvaluing production is a common roadblock


  1. Adapt and repurpose content across the platforms that matter


  1. Content that is contextual to the platform typically performs better


  1. Love the process


  1. Work harder than others are willing to (and work smart too!)


  1. Provide value without expecting anything in return


  1. Focus on the needs and motivations of your audience, not your own


  1. Highlight your product or service in moderation, after you’ve built a strong connection with your audience


I sincerely hope you found these tips as useful as I did. If you’d like to discuss the topic of building your brand further, feel free to send me an email or text and introduce yourself.